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Simple STEPS for Sales Success

Don't be puzzeled by Sales

Sales Success is not a Puzzle

Just because you are not a sales person full-time doesn’t mean you can’t be successful with your own selling system..  Use the following simple steps from the Biz Doctor to avoid the sales peaks and troughs experienced by the average salesperson and guarantee you results!



How do you feel about sales?  Are salespeople slimy and underhanded con artists in your view?   Or do sales people provide “the ask” which allows other businesses to discover the services and products that they need to run their business?  If it is the first perspective, you need to get rid of the “Head Trash” that is keeping you from being a successful sales person.  Eliminate other personal perceptions like fear of failure or rejection and time issues from your mental state and you will be ready to be a successful sales professional.  Then , and only then can you move on to:


Without clearly defined goals, measured over a specific time frame, you will achieve very little. When setting your goals consider your income, lifestyle and revenue requirements. This should be reflected and found in your current business plan.

 Set goals that aim to improve your last years’ income by a specific amount or percentage.  Don’t go overboard with huge amounts – rather, base your sales goals on reality and what you will need. If you have other successful sale people in your organization, mirror their goals and ask them to help you set goals.  If not, base it on your revenue projections.


Yes, you have to go out and look for your customers.  This doesn’t always have to be the feared “COLD” call.  Simply shift that thought to a “BOLD” call.   Then you will be able to call or call on prospects from your network or a list of potential customers.  The majority of small business owners use Referral Marketing to generate warm leads that can be much easier to close. No matter where your leads come from, whether they are generated by your advertising or through a referral marketing plan and system, you have to generate constant and consistent activity to generate the number of leads required by your business and sales goals..

 Put a system in place to regularly find new customers from referrals, past customers, or industry leads.   Remember, it is always easier to convert a referred prospect or an existing customer rather than finding and converting a completely new customer.  Build up your database of loyal customers that you can sell time after time and give them incentives to refer you to their network


The key to a successful sale is the ability to build rapport and trust with each customer and have them select your product or service.  Meet, greet and build rapport, and build a relationship that will lead to a sale.   No one likes to be “hard” sold.

After your rapport is established, start asking questions to determine if they are ready to buy.  These are called trial closes and people will let you know if they are ready.  Remember to sell the benefits of your product speaking in the customer’s language or their own linguistic modality. For example talking to an auditory person about a car engine you would say. “Listen to that engine, doesn’t it sound great?”… or to a visual person your could say, “You see how shiny and clean that engine is”…

 Always listen first, then respond to the customer’s needs.  Once they have responded positively to your trial close, then you can ask for their business.  One of the largest reasons novice sales people do not sell well is due to the fact that they never ASK for the business.   Don’t be guilty of not asking.  That is your ultimate sale job! 


If you sell your product or service, follow up immediately with what you have promised to do and deliver.  It is always better to under-promise and over-deliver.  This is the opportunity to make your customer a “raving fan” and send you more business through referrals.  However, it is equally important to follow up with those folks that did not buy.   They may have not needed your service, but they have a network of people that might contain your dream customer.  Always thank them for their time and ask them for a referral. This is the first step to your next sale!

 Remember… There are simple steps for successful sales as a non-salesperson:

  1. Adjust your PERSONAL PERSPECTIVES to Sales
  2. Set business GOALS and the supporting sales goals to achieve them
  3. Define your target market and go PROSPECT for your perfect customers
  4. Have a SALES SYSTEM that works for you in selling based on the above requirements. Learn how to ask good questions and then listen.  The customer will tell you what they need.  Always continue to test and measure your results as well.
  5. FOLLOW UP always with customers and prospective customers. This leads you to your next sale.
  6. Do what you most fear to do (particularly in Sales), and you will have the results you most want to have…

 For further information call your  Biz Doctor at 919-424-6311 and he can help you plan your successful sales strategies and tactics.

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