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Creativity versus Innovation


Got an Idea? Put it to work.

Got an Idea? Put it to work.

Innovation and creativity are two words that are often confused – especially in the business environment. Creativity is the process of generating something new, an idea, product service or process. This creation has value but may or may not be applicable to your business. Innovation is the process that takes an idea or process and creates something of significant value as applied to an individual, a group or an organization.

The four basic types of innovation we address at BizDoctor are:

Management & Strategy Innovation
Process Innovation
Product Innovation
Marketing Innovation

Management & Strategy Innovation

Management innovation improves the way that your company or organization is managed. From leadership development and strategy innovation to change management, this type of innovation will help the Business owners, executive team and managers discover ways to ensure the future success and adaptability of their company.

Process Innovation

This innovation category focuses on improving a company’s systems and processes. Effectiveness and efficiency results from innovations within the organization – for example, in operations, HR, or finance. In small and mid-sized companies, the focus is on initially establishing the systems to help the company grow and prosper.

Product Innovation

Most people think of product innovation as the only way to be innovative. Product innovation does result in new products or service but it can just as easily occur as enhancements to existing products or services.

Marketing Innovation

Marketing is essentially another form of communications in which your company uses targeted strategies and tactics for the 4 Ps – products, pricing, placement and promotion to move your target customer to making a purchase decision. Marketing innovation works within these four Ps of marketing to add value to your company and expand its markets.

Innovation is a much used and often misunderstood word in today’s business. Large businesses are constantly talking about how to innovate their products and services and prepare for their future growth. Small and medium sized businesses typically do not think about innovation because they are busy addressing daily financial and operational issues. Biz Doctor helps you focus on bringing innovation thinking and the listed innovations processes above to your business, helping you to enjoy the benefits of future growth and profitability

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